Kelly Kits creator Kelly Hanson is a San Antonio, Texas native and married mother of three daughters. As a Kindergarten teacher and art educator, Kelly started her own children in art as babies. Kelly currently teaches Kindergarten for a blended homeschool/private school model as well as homeschooling her own children and running Kelly Kits.

The first Kelly Kit started as a birthday gift for a friend’s daughter who was turning two. The friend dreaded the unwrapping of more toys and junk, and she wished she had more arts and crafts to do with her daughter. Kelly put together a convenience box of pre-measured art play activities with instructions.

The idea was to create a “go to” source that a busy parent, grandparent, babysitter or teacher could literally grab from for an instant art based activity. The response from friends and others was overwhelming; Kelly knew she was on to a great idea.

Acquiring, affording, and storing all the supplies it would take to do all the activities that are included in a kit can be impractical for most families, so Kelly knew that for the idea to be successful, the kits must possess all the conveniences of a box of macaroni and cheese, and at a great price, too.

Kelly began to catalog all of her activities and the materials needed. A chance conversation at church turned a friend into a business party, and Kelly Kits the venture began to take shape.


Everyone is an artist.

We believe that art should be easy to create and accessible to everyone of all ages. In a world of technology and disconnection, we long to see families thrive through creative quality time. Art is therapeutic. Art is educational. Art is easy. Art is FUN! You ARE an artist - let us show you. We make art easy!


Kelly teaches art classes all over the Greater San Antonio area, including small private classes and parties from her personal home studio. See the schedule for upcoming classes here or send an inquiry to info@kellykits.com to hire Kelly for your special event.
  • Process-oriented art play sessions for toddlers and preschoolers ages 3-6.
  • Instructed art lessons for ages 6-12.
  • Summer camps for kids ages 5-12.
  • Classes for elderly art students in group home settings.
  • Merlot and Monet "fun-art" classes for adults.
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